BLMH Hires New CEO

Dennis CarlsonWritten by Daniel Bishop

After Rod Jacobson announced his intentions to retire last year, the Hospital Board of Directors has been looking for a replacement. They received lots of applications, with many being very qualified for the job. Last month it was announced to the hospital staff who the board had selected and now they have passed the announcement on to the general public. Starting in December, Dennis Carlson from Portneuf Medical Center will take over the position.

In a letter to BLMH staff, Carlson introduced himself saying, “My family and I express sincere appreciation and gratitude for the privilege of working with each of you. Together, we will continue to deliver the highest, most heartfelt medical care possible to those who find themselves in need of services that they cannot provide for themselves.”

Carlson is coming to Bear Lake with his wife, Saunja, who is a speech language pathologist and two of their four children. The older two are attending BYU-I.

“My working career has been spent in management rolls for the past 20 years,” said Carlson. “I love the health-care industry. My passion lies in developing and implementing processes and services, that truly reduce the pain and suffering of people. I have always been proud of the success achieved by the teams I’ve been associated with.” Carlson is also continuing his education and is working on two masters programs, Business Administration (MBA), and Health-care Administration (MHA) which he will complete in the next couple of years.

The BLMH board believes Carlson will not only be an asset to the hospital but to the Bear Lake community as well. Carlson is familiar with the area as he and his family have been vacationing here for the past six years. They love the outdoors and believe in the community. “The valley, rivers, mountains, and lakes are beautiful,” Carlson said. “However, it is the kindness of the genuine individuals who call this place home, who make those who visit feel welcome and desire to return.”

Carlson live by the motto. “Leave it better than you found it.” He said, “Working with Bear Lake Memorial Hospital providers and staff has been a pleasure for me for six years now. I have looked up to your extremely talented, long-time and amazing leader, Rod Jacobson, during this time. He is a legendary health-care leader and has built such a legacy at BLMH.  I am honored by the trust of the Hospital Board, providers, and staff, who have shown confidence in me to help take an already successful operation and further the mission of providing world class care in the most compassionate way possible.”

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