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Dr. Kershisnik Dr. Jonathan Koehler

Dr. Kershisnik, and his associate, Dr. Jonathan Koehler, are independent laboratory specialists, both board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology.  Based in Logan, Utah, they provide pathology services to the patients and physicians of southern Idaho and northern Utah.  Dr. Kershisnik has been serving this area for nearly fourteen years.  Dr. Koehler recently joined the practice in August of 2009.  Dr. Kershisnik's training includes a fellowship in oncologic surgical pathology at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Dr. Koehler's training includes a fellowship in surgical pathology at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


1) What are the laboratory hours?
The lab is open for out patient testing 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday thru Friday, special arrangements can be made for weekends and after hour draws.
2) Do I need to schedule an appointment for my lab test?
No, lab tests are done on a first come, first serve basis. It is hard to schedule tests because we never know what will walk thru the door. Lab waiting times are very short regardless.
3) How long until the my physician receives my test results?
Most tests are performed in-house and should be completed and faxed to your physician within four hours, however some tests will be sent out to a reference lab and could take up to a week for results. If you have concerns about turnaround times ask the lab tech for details.
4) Can I call the lab to get my test results?
You should get your test results from your physician, unless special arrangements have been made. The lab tech cannot give medical advice to patients.
5) Do I need to be fasting?
If you are being tested for a lipid panel or fasting glucose you should always be fasting for 10 to 12 hours. It is okay to drink water and take medications during this time.


Test Result Explanation (PDF)

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