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Injuries can be a nuisance. Peak Performance Physical Therapists at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital work hard to make sure your sessions
are fun and motivating. Experience results!

• Feel Better!
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Orthopedic Therapy
Helping clients with orthopedic surgeries with our state of the art equipment. We also work extensively with all types of sports injuries.

Trying to walk or run with a painful injury is like running with a refrigerator on your back. What holds you back from walking or running pain free? Gravity! The Newton allows you to stay fit without the pain. Take the load off and you will fly!

If you experience a sudden onset of vertigo (room spinning) or you have longer term problems with dizziness, Vestibular Rehab can help restore normal function.

In the event of a cardiac episode whether it be a heart attack, open-heart surgery, or a stent replacement, it is important to rehab the cardio-vascular system.


Bumps and Bruises Clinic
Student athletes who have been injured during school athletic events or practice can receive a free orthopedic screening with a Peak Performance therapist.

Public Seminars
Join us for free seminars where we offer presentations on topics like helping your aching knees or fat burning exercises.

Meet the Clinical Team

Bruce Wallentine,  PT Director of Physical Therapy MPT- Masters of Physical Therapy from Idaho State University. Sixteen years experience at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. Specialties: Cardiac, Vestibular, Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine

Darin Dransfield- Bachelors of Physical Therapy from the University of Oklahoma. Eleven years experience at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. Specialties: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Will Crane, DPT-Doctor of Physical Therapy
Specialties: low back pain, balance issues, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Dr. Crane is a native of Bear Lake and is excited to return and have the opportunity to serve the community he loves. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University and then continued on to receive a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Utah. Will has had a variety of experience during his training, including spending time in rural clinics in Virginia and Idaho. He has also received specialized training in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation from the University Medical Center in Salt Lake City and Neurologic Rehabilitation in Charlotte, North Carolina. Will enjoys outdoor activities like camping, biking, and snowmobiling, as well as spending time with his wife and son.

 Katie Cammack

“When I first came to therapy, I was having muscle spasms and pain in my right leg due to pinched nerves in my back, I was told I might be facing surgery. After only two or three treatments on the Newton, I’ve noticed a lot of improvement. A month later, I am returning to work. I want to thank everyone involved in my speedy recovery.”  -Bruce Christensen

“I would have to say these people are the best people to work with. They are the most caring and helpful people. It doesn’t matter what problem you have, they’ll do everything to help you get better. I had shoulder, back and knee problems. They helped and encouraged me every day I came.” –Katie Bunn


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