Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Volunteer Services Program

Individuals interested in volunteering within the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital campus will need to complete an application, which can also be picked up at the Hospital front desk, or contact Judy Fitzsimmons, Director of Volunteer Services.  All adult volunteers are encouraged to become members of the Auxiliary, though membership is not required.  However, acceptance for membership to the Auxiliary is separate from and in addition to the required application for hospital volunteer service.

Do I need special skills to volunteer? 
In general, you need a desire to help others, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

Are there certain age requirements?
Adult volunteers must be 18 years of age.  Opportunities to serve are tailored to the individual’s abilities and talents, taking in to consideration any limitations.  Our most experienced volunteer serving within the hospital at this time is 94 years of age!  Youth are encouraged to join the youth volunteer program, either through school-to-work at the high school, our summer youth program, or as a year-round Volunteen.  Youth must be at least 14 years of age and complete a separate application process, including parental permission.  (See Judy Fitzsimmons, DVS – for more information 847-4445).

What are the hourly requirements for volunteering?
In most cases, volunteers set their own schedules, based upon availability and the needs of the department where they are serving.  Those individuals who choose to become members of the Auxiliary, commit to 144 hours annually.

What opportunities are available within the Hospital campus?
Volunteers are needed throughout the hospital campus to enhance and strengthen the needs of our patrons and patients.  Our volunteers are the “extra-mile” people who perform those services that make life a little better for others in our community.  Presently, volunteers serve in the medical records department, physical therapy, the lab, the kitchen, as greeters, in our nursing home and extended care facility, as patient advocates, and offering clerical assistance throughout the campus.  Volunteer opportunities are posted periodically on our reader board and on the radio.  The Director of Volunteer Services can help find the right fit for you at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital.

Application and Orientation
Volunteering in a hospital environment is a rewarding experience!  To ensure the volunteer experience is a rewarding one, all volunteers complete an orientation to become familiar with the unique aspects of a hospital setting.  To ensure the safety of our volunteers and the patients and families that they serve, our volunteers complete an application process in the same manner as paid staff.

Application process
Volunteer applicants must complete an application, be interviewed by the Director of Volunteers regarding service opportunities and availability for placement, submit to drug screening and background check and complete an orientation and training before placement in the program. 

Orientation covers the following areas
-Review of handbook
-Patient confidentiality
-Infection control guidelines
-Safety issues
-Fire drill procedures
-Hospital privileges
-TB testing
-Drug screening
-Hospital identification badges
-Uniforms/ dress code
-Hospital tour
-Invitation to join the Auxiliary

Make a Difference – Volunteer!!!

Benefits of Volunteering