The Bear Lake Valley Health Care Foundation’s Mission is to strengthen community health by developing, improving,  and expanding 
the facilities, services, and initiatives of Bear Lake Memorial Hospital.

We accomplish this mission by encouraging, receiving, administering, and dispersing donated funds to advance the health and wellness of our community by financially supporting the programs, services, and capital equipment needs of Bear Lake Memorial Hospital and its community partners.


BLVHC Foundation is currently raising money for a new In house MRI suite and Emergency Department Renovation at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. An MRI scan can help diagnose cancer, strokes, aneurysms, spinal issues, and other injuries. At Bear Lake Memorial we have access to a mobile MRI machine, however, it is a shared resource between several hospitals and is only here 1 to 2 times per week. There are often waiting lists to receive an MRI with our current setup, which forces out of the area trips to get an MRI scan. The ER needs to be expanded to accommodate the visitors and residents of the valley. The updates will increase security and privacy for patients and staff.


donate_nowUse the Donate Now button, call Executive Director Tracy Park at 208-847-4450, or mail to:  BLVHC Foundation P.O. Box 364, Montpelier, ID 83254

DONATIONS OF $25 increments will be entered into our summer Ultimate Bear Laker Promotion

In the past donations have provided projects like:IMG_0518

  • Private Patient Room Expansion & Remodel ($2 million raised)

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Addition, Remodel, & Furnishings

  • PACS Digital Imaging System  (Funded in part by MJ Murdock Charitable Trust)

  • Digital X-Ray & Fluoroscopy Machine (Funded in part by MJ Murdock Charitable Trust)

  • Electronic Medical Records Project

  • Dialysis Center ($1,00,000 Donated by Ted & Elizabeth Schmidt)

Support the mission of The Bear Lake Valley Health Care Foundation.  Invest in local healthcare.

Your gift is part of your legacy, a promise to the future of Bear Lake Memorial Hospital and the health of the entire region.


Donor benefits:
Heart $1,000+ Name Recognition, Snow Ball Tickets, We’re Grateful Banquet, Two 1 year memberships to Absolute Fitness Center, Complimentary Health Screenings at Health Fair.
Sponsor $500-$999 Name Recognition, Snow Ball Tickets, We’re Grateful Banquet, One 1 year membership to Absolute Fitness Center.
Patron $250-$499 Name Recognition, Snow Ball Tickets, We’re Grateful Banquet
Friend $100-249 Name Recognition, Snow Ball Tickets
Support $1-$99 Name Recognition

Ask us about deferred giving plans, In-Memory Gifts, and Estate Planning. We gladly accept in-kind gifts, donating time, labor, and materials.

Other giving options include “gifting”:

  • Insurance Annuities

  • Stocks/Bonds

  • Property Deeds

  • Trusts


BLVHC Foundation has designated funds to assist Nursing Students, High School Senior Projects and Scholarship, and Healthier Community Grants. Click the above links for details and applications for each funding opportunity.

For additional information about BLVHC Foundation contact Tracy Park at 208-847-4450 or by email tracy.park@blmhospital.com